NEHC Announces Women's All-Academic Team

MARSHFIELD, Mass. – The New England Hockey Conference (NEHC) announced the All-Academic team recipients in the women's division for the 2015-16 season. To be eligible for All-Academic recognition a student must carry a minimum of a 3.0 cumulative GPA and have completed one full-year at their current institution.

Each of the fourteen NEHC institutions was represented with 141 student-athletes in total earning the honor. Saint Michael's College led the way with 16 honorees.

2015-2016 NEHC All-Academic Honorees

Rachel Bombardier, Castleton University
Ally Brandland, Castleton University
Rachel Brazil, Castleton University
Jess Cameron, Castleton University
Anna Daniels, Castleton University
Rachel Elliott, Castleton University
Sabrina Hosner, Castleton University
Lisa Kilroy, Castleton University
Ashely Pelkey, Castleton University
Sam Pion, Castleton University
Hannah Rose, Castleton University
Taylor Steadman, Castleton University
Hannah Wright, Castleton University
Kati Goguen, College of the Holy Cross
Erin Hall, College of the Holy Cross
Izzy Bagi, College of the Holy Cross
Hayley Arnold, Franklin Pierce University
Karsyn Baker, Franklin Pierce University
Alex Brolsma, Franklin Pierce University
Samantha Bureau, Franklin Pierce University
Hailee Craig, Franklin Pierce University
Nina Danforth, Franklin Pierce University
Sara Diltz, Franklin Pierce University
Colleen Doucette, Franklin Pierce University
Samantha Hulme, Franklin Pierce University
Marisa Ketterman, Franklin Pierce University
Lanie Matsumoto, Franklin Pierce University
Shannon O'Neil, Franklin Pierce University
Michelle Stock, Franklin Pierce University
Noelle White, Franklin Pierce University
Lindsay Diot, Manhattanville College
Olivia Drew, Manhattanville College
Nicole Dudjak, Manhattanville College
Taryn Harris, Manhattanville College
Melissa Hauptman, Manhattanville College
Kyra Herbert, Manhattanville College
Cassandra Kent, Manhattanville College
Jennifer Machin, Manhattanville College
Monika Molnar, Manhattanville College
Maeve O'Brien, Manhattanville College
Kristi Peters, Manhattanville College
Kayley Romano, Manhattanville College
Melissa Stys, Manhattanville College
Annie Griswold, New England College
Demi Latham , New England College
Amanda McGoldrick, New England College
Mackenzie Meegan, New England College
Maci Picone, New England College
Tori Polehonka, New England College
Lindsey Stewart, New England College
Rachel Vigliano, New England College
Emily Barden, Nichols College
Laura Christie, Nichols College
Ariana Dembro, Nichols College
Erin Dice, Nichols College
Samantha DiReda, Nichols College
Kelly Downey, Nichols College
Julia Mastrototaro, Nichols College
Samantha Mead, Nichols College
Amanda Moquin, Nichols College
Lindsay O'Connell, Nichols College
Tori Wolter, Nichols College
Muranda Toews, Norwich University
Maki Shuchuk, Norwich University
Madison Gallagher, Norwich University
Taylor Cross, Norwich University
Kalie Brown, Norwich University
Emily DeCock, Norwich University
Nicole Goebel, Norwich University
Laurie King, Norwich University
Teresa Segreti, Norwich University
Allyson LeFebvre, Norwich University
Alyssa Altschuler, Plymouth State University
Emily Auby, Plymouth State University
Alivia Bates, Plymouth State University
Courtney Evans, Plymouth State University
Sara Huff, Plymouth State University
Frederike Brazeau-Lalonde, Plymouth State University
Kelsey Lynch, Plymouth State University
Paige Roberts, Plymouth State University
Carolyn Simonis, Plymouth State University
Mariah Trupp, Plymouth State University
Marisa Zamrock, Plymouth State University
Jess Galiczewski, Saint Anselm College
Alex Kazmer, Saint Anselm College
Jackie Guy, Saint Anselm College
Hannah Synnott, Saint Anselm College
Alex Starzyk, Saint Anselm College
Carolyn Avery, Saint Michael's College
Abby Burke, Saint Michael's College
Lauren Cuculino, Saint Michael's College
Ashley Dineen, Saint Michael's College
Tori Dinger, Saint Michael's College
Amanda Donahoe, Saint Michael's College
Erin Dwyer, Saint Michael's College
Kayla Kee, Saint Michael's College
Amanda Kempainen, Saint Michael's College
Emily Loebs, Saint Michael's College
Naomi Major, Saint Michael's College
Erica Ragazzo, Saint Michael's College
Kaly Spilhaus, Saint Michael's College
Lauren Sullivan, Saint Michael's College
Jillian Witwicki, Saint Michael's College
Kaitlyn Wurzer, Saint Michael's College
Erica Bonnette Lykens, Salve Regina University
Cheyenne Boyd, Salve Regina University
Mary Cain, Salve Regina University
Amanda Cronin, Salve Regina University
Megan Geier, Salve Regina University
Shelby Johnson, Salve Regina University
Courtney Moulton, Salve Regina University
Danielle Phalon, Salve Regina University
Kimberly Spring, Salve Regina University
Katelyn Barry, University of Massachusetts Boston
Lizzie Aveson, University of Massachusetts Boston
Kristina Bove, University of Massachusetts Boston
Jennifer Currie, University of Massachusetts Boston
Alli Biancini, University of Massachusetts Boston
Maren Brown, University of Massachusetts Boston
Alexa Cappione, University of Massachusetts Boston
Kristen Embrey, University of Massachusetts Boston
Melissa Boudreau, University of New England
Marissa Clifford-Biederman, University of New England
Emily Corrales, University of New England
Kimberly Gosselin, University of New England
Sydney Helmbrecht, University of New England
Abby Kinens, University of New England
Gabriella Moscato, University of New England
Annie Mullen, University of New England
Shannon Reynolds, University of New England
Samantha Scobee, University of New England
Shannon Smith, University of New England
Mary Wirth, University of New England
Kierra Wright, University of New England
Emilee Burris, University of Southern Maine
Katie Couture, University of Southern Maine
Tatiana Doucette, University of Southern Maine
Kaleigh Heath, University of Southern Maine
Nia Kelly, University of Southern Maine
McKenna Russell, University of Southern Maine
Ally Vanidestine, University of Southern Maine